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Providing precise measurements, repeatability and even mobility, non-destructive imaging technology has proved to be a valuable resource for an endless array of industries.

Utilizing the entire spectrum of digital imaging capabilities ranging from traditional x-ray to computed radiography and computed tomography, the Industrial Imaging Solutions team of engineers is committed to helping you find the perfect custom solution for all of your digital imaging needs. Rather than selling you a pre-designed system, our team, with over 20 years of industry experience, will incorporate the latest technological advances to meet your specific imaging requirements. Our specialty is in designing automated systems that offer reliable repeatability and fast imaging speeds.

In addition to incorporating Linear Diode Arrays (LDAs), Flat Panel Detectors or Digital Radiography components into our custom designed systems, the Industrial Imaging Solutions team is happy to integrate our proprietary ZXaquire Software system. This user-friendly system integrates seamlessly to provide unparalleled 4D CT Data Visualization capabilities.

All of our custom designed systems are compliant with federal and international regulations and our team can assist with encouraging your facility is up to code.

Our team is always on hand to help with the conceptual design of a new system, recommend equipment for your application or simply to make recommendations to improve the image quality of your current non-destructive testing equipment. Please contact us so we can help you find the perfect imaging solution for all of your needs.

Portable CT/DR System

Fully Automated CT System With Robot Loading.

Rocket Motor Scanning System

Typical Metrology and Failure Analysis CT/DR System.

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If you have any questions about implementing a new system or perhaps upgrading your existing components, please contact us.

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