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Radiation Safety Training

To help your team operate at the highest levels of efficiency and safety, Industrial Imaging Solutions has developed an in-depth radiation safety-training program around the IRRSP requirements (for applicable Agreement States) and CFR Title 10, Parts 20 and 34 (for non-agreement states).

This 40-hour training course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of basic radiation theory, health and safety concerns associated with radiation exposure and the applicable Federal and State legal regulations.

With on-site instruction at your facility, this course includes demonstrations of the proper use of your industrial radiographic exposure devices (providing coverage for both X and gamma rays).

Our radiation safety and protection program is ideal instruction for all radiography trainees, assistants, health and safety personnel, quality control inspectors or any additional personnel involved in radiographic inspection projects. With a dedicated instructor, the course can be tailored to facilitate the understanding and needs of class participants. The course concludes with an extensive testing procedure to ensure the safety and security of all staff.

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