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Advanced Computed Tomography Training

A recent trend in the non-destructive testing industry has been the proliferation of Computed Tomography (CT) systems.

As computers have become more powerful and less expensive, CT systems have become a more efficient mode of inspection technology. Coupled with the use of Flat Panel Detectors, CT systems have drastically reduced scanning and image processing times. However, this also means additional advanced training for system operators.

As a non-destructive testing industry leader, Industrial Imaging Solutions has been on the forefront of this wave of technological innovation. Pulled from our vast industry experience, our on-site Advanced Computed Tomography (CT) training course is designed to teach your team of operators key system functions and strategic manipulation for ideal system performance and efficient image processing. In addition to covering best practices, the course covers the theory behind image optimization providing your team with a comprehensive understanding of how to best fulfill your inspection needs.

Comprised of practical knowledge and concluded with a written test, this course focuses on immediate applications and technique development. Led by our Level III CT expert, course objectives include:

  • Grasping the basic principles and concepts of computed tomography (CT)
  • Understand reconstruction algorithms
  • Learn how to manipulate variables to improve scanning efficiency
  • Incorporate scanning techniques to optimize scanning capabilities and image quality
  • Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of various CT scanner configurations
  • Comprehending the causes and sources of CT artifacts and grasping techniques to minimize their occurrence
  • Become competent in post processing image manipulation

Master wire frame image manipulation for first article inspection or reverse engineering

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